Redrawing an old clock



Fourth and fifth grade students at Richmond School are learning about the history of their hometown of Willard, Ohio, formerly known as Chicago Junction, Ohio.


Students are recreating the old clock tower that used to reside on top of the old city hall of Willard that was torn down last year.


Students have been viewing old photographs of the clock tower, as well as images of the proposed new clock tower to be built, for their drawings.


Students recreated their version of the clock tower to bring awareness of the rebuilding project to the Willard community.


Students are refining their current drawing skills as they are working on this community art project.


Students are working in groups as they learn to cooperate with each other while following directions from Mr. Casto.


The work of the students is progressing and moving forward on the first step of this project.


The next step will be to refine their images and ink them in with permanent marker.


The students have worked hard on the first step of this project.


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