Repainting an old clock



Fourth and fifth grade students at Richmond School are continuing on their artistic journey of recreating the former Willard clock tower that was located on the old city hall building in downtown Willard.


Students added a wash of watercolor paint over their drawings.


Students determined the type of color they wanted in their sky and how dark they wanted their watercolor wash.


The watercolor wash went over their crayon work to create a crayon resist effect on their image.


Crayon resist is a type of artwork where you draw on a piece of white paper with crayon. Once you have finished the drawing, you use water color paints to paint the paper.


This is the fourth step in this project.  Students have drawn, traced, outlined and added crayon to the image before this step.


Next week students will begin the final step which is to add a pointillism effect with dots of paint.


Here are a few examples of the crayon resist/watercolor washes the students created this week.


The first two images are of the old clock tower.


The last two images are of the proposed clock tower to be built in Willard once funding is raised.



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