Who is Artman?

I cannot remember a time not making art.  It has always been a part of my life.

Family Portrait, 1970, Kevin Casto 1st grader, acrylic paint

I did not set out to become an artist, art teacher or even a photographer.  As a child I was captivated by the United States space race to get to the moon, and I wanted to be an astronaut! Unfortunately for me my vision was really bad, and that ruled out that pursuit.

My biggest influence in choosing Art as a career path was my Dad – the original Artman.  He was the high school art teacher for 30 years at Willard City Schools (1959-1985.) He taught art in West Virgina for a few years before moving to Ohio after being drafted into the Army for two years.  He was also a graphic artist, sign painter, and I learned most of my skills from being his apprentice.

I did not pursue art until halfway through high school, when I really became interested in photography.

After high school I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with a degree in photography and multimedia.  I worked as a photographer for a few years and then decided  I wanted to pursue a career in art.  I returned to college after joining the Ohio Army National Guard and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art and a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Ashland University.

I began teaching in 1989 and was a substitute teacher for a year until I began a full-time teaching position at Black River Schools.  In 1994 I accepted a teaching position in the Willard City Schools teaching elementary art. I have exhibited art around Ohio, painted signs and billboards with my dad, been an art consultant, completed my Masters Degree in Art Education at Boston University and have recently begun a community-based art education program in the Willard area with a studio and gallery in New Haven, Ohio called The Art Junction.  I hope you enjoy this blog site and my pursuit to build a creative community in the Willard area.


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